Opening VillaForum coworking break

4 days of coworking & coliving

Opening VillaForum coworking break

23rd of May was the opening of VillaForum – Coworking Breaks in Limburg. People from Germany, the UK and the Netherlands where creating together an inspiring co-working atmosphere. This week was not only about working. It was also about learning, setting goals, connecting with others and balance. A successful first event!

Impression of the first coworking break

The opening of VillaForum – Coworking Break in Limburg took place in the small village of Merum. Close to the house there is the rural area ‘Isabellegreend’. This is a peninsula in the ‘Maasplassen’. This is a great place for walking and running. The house itself has a huge kitchen where the participants could work at a big table. We also had some quiet spaces to sit alone or with someone else. The living room still has the characteristics of the old horse stable it once was: the stable doors are now a window. The most populair spot in the house.