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Boost your business this spring!

The coworking break starts on Monday afternoon and finishes on Friday morning. You get to work on your business projects, away from the distractions of home and office, in order to get new insights and inspiration. During this coworking break you get the chance to boost your business! You can receive valuable feedback from other likeminded, share ideas and present your new project.

Unique coworking spaces

VillaForum takes place in several unique buildings. Such as an old farm, medieval countryhouse or a timber house. 27th of February will take place in this beautiful castle Kaldenhoek or an old farm. Whatever it will be, you will get your focus to get things done. The villa’s have a rich history and you feel that while working in one of the areas. We even have some cosy seats around the fireplace. This is a perfect location to gain inspiration and new insights.

How the coworking break might look like

After the morning yoga you grab a coffee from the Italian espresso machine and a power breakfast with fresh fruits. start working with your project overlooking the fields surrounding the villa. After the lunch you decide to join a feedback session that can help you to get more insights. You work some extra hours again and get some valuable feedback from another freelancer. Take a walk in the forrest in the afternoon and return just in time for a delicious and healthy dinner. Send a last email or read a book at the fireplace in the evening.

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Book the last minute deal 295,- (normal price is 380,-). This price includes accommodation, healthy meals & snacks, coffee, tea & activities. Price are excluding VAT.

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