Castle Kaldenbroek, central Limburg

4 days of coworking & coliving

Impression of the inspiring coworking break

After the second coworking break, VillaForum took place in a beautiful castle close to Venlo. We made the villa extra cosy, because the winter season had arrived at the grounds as well! The participants where welcomed with red wine and cheese at the crackling fireplace. In the morning, there was a yoga class to warm up the thinking and typing muscles. During the breaks, there was space for enjoying brisk walks through frosty forests and fields, mediation sessions and delicious meals.

Everybody came to the villa with personal and professional goals, such as: doing editorial work, bring structure in new workshops, even set up plans for a new company and having a social media detox. People were sharing knowledge and ideas and received valuable feedback in return. Many of the goals were reached! And the beautiful surroundings offered an excellent opportunity for perfect portrait photo’s!

The diversity in the group and the interesting plans they worked on, gave an extra boost to this inspiring VillaForum coworking break.


Feedback from the participants

Een afgevinkte to do lijst, heerlijk eten, een prachtig landhuis, goede gesprekken met mede-ondernemers, wandelingen door het winterse Limburgse landschap, volop uitwisseling van ideeën en tips. Is een VillaForum coworking break nu werk of vakantie? Het antwoord is: beide. Gastheer Sjoerd creëert de ideale omstandigheden zodat je kunt werken met een vakantiegevoel.

Coaching & interim verandermanager, Barbara van Schaik

In the middle of the week I suddenly realized how much focus I received from this environment, as an result I completely submerged into my project.

Filmmaker, Riske de Vries

Pictures from the coworking break

Achieved goals during the VillaForum coworking break

Riske and Grietje are working together on their new business, De Videomakers. During the VillaForum Coworking break they have decided to make a short promo film. Have a look at the great movie that is shot around the surroundings of VillaForum.